My twin girls Laurel and Kristian who are now 11 years old initially joined rhythmic gymnastics through the Richmond Hill Parks and Recreation when they were four years old. Upon discovering their love for the sport, they decided to continue by joining Ritmika Club practicing with Ms. Annely Riga in a competitive level group three times a week from September to June of each year.

My girls thoroughly enjoy doing rhythmic gymnastics. They are able to express their natural flexibility and grace through this artistic sport. It has everything that an athlete could ask for; balance, strength, flexibility, team play, competition, and most of all variation through the use of different props like hoops, balls and ribbons. Not only has this unique sport helped them to become strong athletes, healthy competitors, and excellent team players, it has also played a big part in the development of their social and learning skills, self confidence and maturity. No matter what the future holds for them, I am certain that they will carry the positive aspects of rhythmic gymnastics throughout their lives.