Congratulations to our provincial level team at last weekend’s Provincial Championships and

Rhythm Fest!

Level 3A:
Julia L. – 1st free, 1st hoop, 1st AA

Level 3B:
Isabella P. – 6th free, 1st, hoop, 2nd ball, 2nd AA
Anna K. – 2nd free, 5th hoop, 5th ball, 4th AA
Renee N. – 7th free, 7th hoop, 8th ball, 8th AA
*Renee competed with a cast

due to a broken left hand. We are proud of her for her effort!

RF Level 3A:
Brooke Y. – 2nd free, 2nd hoop, 1st AA

RF Level 3B: 
Katia G. – 2nd free, 1st hoop, 2nd ball, 1st AA

AGG Pre-Novice:
Julia L., Julia F., Katia, Brooke, Anna, Renee, Isabella – 3rd