e portrait Annely Riga_ppAnnely Riga


Graduate of Tartu University in Estonia with a degree in Physical Education. From 1971-77 she was a staff member of the Physical Education faculty at Tartu University, where she taught Rhythmic Gymnastics. She also coached children and adult classes at all levels in various schools and clubs in Estonia.  For six years she was a member of the Estonian Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team (this group was composed of mostly former national level rhythmic gymnasts), winning six USSR Championships in Women’s Group competition.

In 1977 she immigrated to Canada. Since 1978, she has been working tirelessly promoting and teaching this beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Besides conducting numerous seminars, clinics and workshops throughout Canada, she has been also working on many committees and conducting leadership programmes. Annely has been working on the National Gymnastics Development, National Coaching, School Development, RSG Technical and NCCP committees just to mention a few.  She is a co-author of many Rhythmic Gymnastics publications in Canada. In 1988 and 1989 she also taught rhythmic gymnastics at the University of Toronto.

Annely Riga’s talent in the field of choreography has been recognized at the National and Provincial level, where several of her routines are taught. She has also been a choreographer and technical advisor for special events such as the International Gymnaestradas in Denmark 1987 and Germany 1995, Four Continents Championships in 1988, Opening of the Sky Dome in 1989 and many others.  She received Coach of the Year awards from Ontario Gymnastics Federation in 1985 and from the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation in 1995. In 2004 the Canadian Gymnastics Federation honored her as a long standing member with their recognition award – a diamond pin. In 2005, Annely received a 25-year Ontario Volunteer service award from the government of Ontario and in 2009 a service award from the Estonian Central Council in Canada.

Since 1996, she has been promoting and developing Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in Canada. In conjunction with the Ontario RG Committee she developed the “Red Ribbon” Ontario AGG program and has been one of the leading experts in this sport in Canada. She is the president of Canadian Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Organization in Canada and 2003 she was elected into the newly founded International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics as a Board member and Promotion Committee Chairperson. She is also the highest category International level judge in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and has been judging in all AGG World Championships since 2001.

Annely Riga is considered one of the leading forces in rhythmic gymnastics in Canada, Expert in her field, who’s deep knowledge and commitment to the sport has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally. Having dedicated her life to this wonderful sport and her club she is constantly developing new ideas and strategies to improve her beloved club services, programmes to its members.

Larissa Soloviova


Certified NCCP 3 coach and National judge RG and AGG.

Larissa was awarded the Gymnastics Ontario “Coaches’ Achievement Award” for 2006.

Larissa has a Masters Degree in Sports and Physical Education from the Kazakh Institute of  Physical Education and Sports. She was on the Kazakhstan National RGC team and a former national champion.

She has coached rhythmic gymnastics since 1981 in many distinguished clubs, including the Russian Olympic Reserve School (Samara, Russia) and the Children and Youth Sports School (Almaty, Kazakhstan). There she developed and delivered educational programs and organized competitions.

In Canada she was coaching since 2001 in York Stars RGC and part time in different clubs of Toronto, including Kalev Estienne RGA, Sport Seneca, Silhouettes of York and Ritmika RGC.

This superb background in the”.. Caring Attitude..” to developing girls in the skills of rhythmic gymnastics has been the strong point in her career. Larissa has trained athletes from all levels from the early beginner to the national level competitor, providing original choreography and coaching to support the continued development of top performing athletes.

Rhea Reble


Rhea started her training in artistic gymnastics at the age of 3. At 10 years of age, drawn to its grace and artistry, she made the switch to rhythmic gymnastics. Later in her RG training she was also a part of Ritmika’s AGG team and had the opportunity to travel to such places as Estonia and Spain for the 2007 World Championships.

Rhea has been a certified RG coach since 2005. She believes that as a coach it is not only her responsibility to develop athletes to their full potential, but most importantly, athletes with beautiful characters.

Helle Varrik


Helle Varrik has a university degree in Physical Education from the University of Tartu, Estonia, where she also taught rhythmic gymnastics to university students. She won many medals and awards as a member of the Estonian Womens’ National Rhythmic Gymnastics team. The group for which she was performing and competing was considered one of the best in the former Soviet Union. She travelled extensively throughout the former Soviet Union, giving rhythmic gymnastics seminars.

Since 1994 Helle has been coaching Ritmika’s recreational and elite performing groups. She is an experienced choreographer and coach and has been able to develop great looking teams for many performances and also RG recreational Groups competitions. Her Junior elite group won the 1998 year Teens category competition and her Novice elite team was 3rd in the overall competition in the pre-teens category. She is also a member of Ritmika’s Ladies Elite team, who won the 1998 Women’s Group competition overall trophy.


Ballet Coach

She is Ritmika ballet teacher since 2018

Alessandra has had a passion for dance from a very young age. She started dance at the age of three, and joined competitive dance at the age of five. Alessandra has been trained in various styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, acrobatics, and tap. At the age of 12, she found her passion for ballet and trained extensively in ballet and contemporary. Most recently, Alessandra has trained primarily in the Vaganova syllabus. She attended Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts Secondary School to further her training and knowledge in dance, and is currently attending York University and completing her BFA in dance.

Alessandra has attended multiple ballet programs and summer intensives across North America including The National Ballet of Canada, The Alberta Ballet School, Boston Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. She has also competed at many competitions, including the world’s largest student ballet competition, Youth America Grand Prix, where she placed top 12 in her contemporary ballet solo. She has performed in “The Nutcracker” at the Sony Centre, for the last five years, alongside world renowned principal dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. Alessandra’s career is only just beginning, and she looks forward to her future in the dance and rhythmic gymnastics industry.


Competitive Coach

Rachel Sprovieri


Anna Korolkova


Madison Venturo


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