Friendly, Playful & Supportive Environment

Ritmika’s recreational programs offer physical fitness and fun where basic level skills are taught in a friendly, playful and supportive environment.

All Ages from 3 to Adult

In our recreational programs we take a non-competitive, progressive approach to skills development. Our classes are designed for all ages from 3 to adults at all ability levels and are taught by expert coaching staff. Coaches work with gymnasts on their overall development on co-ordination, flexibility, strength, balance, musicality and basic techniques that allow them to experiment and work with different rhythmic gymnastics apparatuses such as balls, ribbons, hoops, ropes to scarves, flags and rhythm sticks.

Annual Spring Gymnastics Performance

For the year end shows even more fun props such as umbrellas, beach balls etc. are used to make learning routines really fun and enjoyable. Rhythmic gymnastics also incorporates many dance movements, dancing with balls and ribbons. The dance becomes really fun – children don’t even realize that they are learning skills and exercising – it is almost like playing.

Build Coordination, Flexibility & Self-Confidence

Age appropriate equipment is used, and more intricate skills and routines are added as children advance. At the end of each year, coaches evaluate the progress of each child, and recommend the program for next season. Many recreational gymnasts will advance to higher levels classes. It is in these classes that the first “Gymnastics Bug” and love for movement is inserted into young gymnasts. Rhythmic gymnastics is the safest and most fun sport to develop good posture, co-ordination, flexibility, balance and self-confidence.

Grow into Elite or Competitive Programs

Thousands of gymnasts of all ages have enrolled in Ritmika recreational classes over the years. Many of them have progressed through into elite or competitive programs. A few have gone on to become competitive champions and Olympians, but all enjoy the fun and friendship they have experienced.

The Best Gymnastics Classes for Girls.

We offer fun recreational gymnastics classes & intense competitive training for talented gymnasts.

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