Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics since 1980

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful and elegant sport demanding strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. Apparatuses include ball, hoop, ribbon, rope and clubs. Ritmika Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, founded in 1980 by Annely Riga and Siina Kasekamp, is one of the largest and leading rhythmic gymnastics clubs in Canada. With over 40 years of experience, Ritmika has grown into a multicultural gymnastics Organization offering rhythmic gymnastics programs for all ages and ability levels taught by certified coaches.

From 3-Year-old Tiny Tots to Adults

In our recreational program, the basics of rhythmic gymnastics and basic apparatus techniques are taught in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The emphasis is on improving strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Each year gymnasts look forward to demonstrating their accomplishments by performing for family and friends at Ritmika’s spectacular Annual Year End shows.

Elite Rhythmic Gymnastic Training

Elite performance programs offer the more advanced gymnasts the opportunity to further improve their skills and techniques. Advanced level skills are choreographed into enjoyable performance numbers requiring countless hours of practice. Acceptance to these groups is usually by tryouts. Gymnasts in these groups train intensively, learn to work with each other as a group and perfect several routines each year. The Elite gymnast requires a greater commitment but in return they enjoy the privilege of representing Ritmika and Canada in many local and International events.

Ritmika Competes Worldwide

Ritmika gymnasts have always been in demand to perform and delight audiences with colorful displays of rhythmic gymnastics. Our Elite groups have traveled the world & thrilled audiences from local community events to prestigious international events, such as International Gymnaestradas in Denmark 1987, Holland 1991 and Germany 1995, where they were chosen to represent Canada at Gala performances and Sweden 1999, Portugal 2003 and Austria 2007. Expo 1986 was a fun filled week with performances in the Vancouver waterfront exposition grounds. For the Opening of Toronto SkyDome in 1989, Ritmika gymnasts played a crucial part in the gymnastics presentation. Estonian World Festivals in 1983 in San Francisco, 1984 in Toronto, 1988 in Australia, 1992 in New York and 2000 in Toronto, FIG Gala performance in Puerto Rico 2006 – Ritmika gymnasts were there and were always applauded for beautiful performances. This list can go on and on.

Aesthetic Group gymnastics

Aesthetic Group gymnastics (AGG) is one of the newest sports internationally and Ritmika has been a leader and promoter from its first introduction in Canada. The club has actively promoted the sport in Ontario and Canada by participating as gymnasts, coaches and judges. Ritmika’s president Annely Riga is considered one of the top experts in this field in Canada.

Two Former Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympians

Ritmika’s competitive gymnasts have been the best in the country. They have represented Canada in all major International competitions including World Championships and Olympic Games and traveled to all 6 continents: Asia, Europe, North & South America, Australia and Africa. Ritmika’s alumni gymnast Alexandra Orlando held the Canadian National Champion title for eight years. She also distinguished herself by winning 6 gold medals for Canada at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 2004 Olympian and U.S. National Champion Mary Sanders is also a Ritmika alumni. Both gymnasts placed within the top 10 at world championships.

The Best Gymnastics Classes for Girls.

We offer fun recreational gymnastics classes & intense competitive training for talented gymnasts.

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The Best Coaching Staff

With its exceptional reputation and outstanding results, Ritmika is recognized both in Canada and internationally as a world class rhythmic gymnastics club, whose gymnasts are great ambassadors to this beautiful sport, and who can thrill small or large audiences with exceptional performances. Over these years over 60 coaches and 15 pianists have been working hard and producing these results. Most of the coaches have high credentials with an impressive list of achievements and many years of experience. They are professionals who take the responsibility of training our young gymnasts seriously.

Our Mission

Ritmika was founded with the goal of promoting the joy and beauty of rhythmic gymnastics by providing quality gymnastics programs to all, and the club endeavors to continue to reach future generations of gymnasts in the years to come.