Amazing results from this weekend’s (May 16th,2015) York Stars Invitational Competition! A Ritmika gymnast placed on the podium in the all around in all 5 provincial levels in which our gymnasts competed.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Results

Level 2A (10 competitors)
Lizzie F. – 1st free, 1st rope, 1st AA
Emma L. – 3rd free, 8th rope, 7th AA

Level 3A (16 competitors)
Madison V. – 2nd free, 1st hoop, 1st AA
Rachel S. – 5th free, 1st hoop, 4th AA
Brooke Y. – 7th free, 6th hoop, 5th AA
Alyssa G. – 15th free, 11th hoop 13th AA

Level 4A (10 competitors)
Valentina I. – 2nd free, 2nd ball, 2nd AA

Level 3B (11 competitors)
Julia L. – 2nd free, 2nd hoop, 3rd ball, 2nd AA

Level 4B (6 competitors)
Anna K. – 2nd free, 2nd hoop, 6th ball, 3rd AA
Katia G. – 4th free, 5th hoop, 4th rope, 4th AA

Provincial pre-novice AGG – 1st

Inter-club level 4 AGG – 1st free, 2nd creative nike shoes

Victoria A. IC Level 2 – 2nd free, 3rd ball

Beautiful performances from our level 1 interclub and provincial gymnasts!