Angelina K: 6th free, 3rd rope, 5th AA

Adel: 1st free, 2nd ball, 2nd AA

Lizzie: 5th free, 5th hoop, 4th AA
Emma: 17th free, 17th hoop, 18th AA

Brooke: 1st free, 4th ball, 1st AA out of 27 competitors!!!

Madison: 2nd free, 1st hoop, 4th ball, 2nd AA
Rachel: 5th free, 4th hoop, 7th ball, 6th AA

Renee: 1st hoop, 2nd ribbon, 3rd rope, 1st AA
Anna: 4th hoop, 1st ribbon, 1st ball, 2nd AA
Kate: 2nd hoop, 4th ribbon, 5th ball, 3rd AA

Trio (Emma, Lizzie, Adel) 2nd

Inter-club Level 2
Keira: 1st free, 1st ball
Lennox: 2nd free, 2nd ball
Rivka: 2nd free, 3rd rope
Avigail: 3rd free, 9th rope

IC duo level 2: 1st
IC duo level 3: 1st

Congratulations to Adrianna, Sana, Yael, Natalie and Revital for their performances!